Reinforced concrete drilling and cutting


Reinforced concrete drilling and cutting

As part of special construction and reconstruction work (e.g. replacement or upgrading of technological assemblies, rehabilitation of concrete structures), the company offers drilling, chipping and cutting of reinforced concrete using diamond technology. Core drilling and diamond cutting of reinforced concrete structures offer the following benefits:

precision bores and cuts, low vibration and noise, dust-free operation when water-cooled and option of water circulation cooling

cost effectiveness, low time consumption (no additional work is required)

unlimited area and length of the cut using diamante wire

extra depth of the drill only at us

diamond drilling of steel under water, as well

cutting of the large-size openings

exact drilling to big depths (up to 12 m) and reinforced concrete cutting by diamond technique

Standard drilling and demolition works are carried out using pneumatic tools simultaneously with heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaners in order to reduce dust formation during the operation.

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