Decontamination works

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Decontamination works

Our company is licensed to perform decontamination works. Based on its professional as well as practical experience from the decontamination works performed for Slovenské elektrárne, a.s. and JAVYS, a.s. (NPP Bohunice – Nuclear Power Plants A-1, V-1, V-2 and Mochovce), as well as for international nuclear institutions (Nuclear Engineering Seibersdorf GmbH – research institute in Seibersdorf Austria) ROBO Piešťany a.s. employees are capable of carrying out special works for nuclear power plants. All of them have received fire-fighting simulator training, and are prepared for works in very difficult conditions and in environment with ionizing radiation using breathing apparatuses and special protective wear. During decontamination works close cooperation with specialist workers at the nuclear power plants is performed. Implementation of the works is proceeded according to technological procedures approved by the Nuclear Regulation Authority of the Slovak republic and Public Health Authority of the Slovak republic with continuous assessment of safety and efficiency of the works being carried out.

Scope of decontamination works:

decontamination works of contaminated surfaces of nuclear power plants´ structural and technical components, while selection of decontamination method takes into account effectiveness factors of the given method (abrasion blasting techniques, application of strippable gels, shaving / scabbling of the surfaces by remote controlled BROKK machine)

subsequent decontamination works after repairs of the equipment

decontamination works of decommissioned components of V1 primary circuit, as well as technological equipment used for dismantling of the primary circuit components

decontamination works after an accident or damage to equipment

cooperation in dealing with accidents

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