Design of constructions and engineering


Design of constructions and engineering

As part of its engineering activities, ROBO Piešťany a.s. provides for all the necessary actions, designs and documents required for filing an application for granting building or land use permit, construction plan or demolition permit.

Upon the investor‘s request, the company will arrange for the selection of a contractor and the performance of a construction superintendence at the construction site, including controlling of the budgeted construction costs and preparation of the construction for house inspection.

Scope of works:

preliminary design works including all required surveys and samples collection (engineering geological survey, geological survey of environment including hydrogeological assessment of rainwater infiltration, geodetic works – horizontal and vertical survey of the location, measurement and mapping of the position and elevation, topographic survey and measurement of the existing engineering networks, LIDAR survey, survey of asbestos presence, pyrotechnical survey, TV monitoring of sewage, static and dynamic survey of the existing road buildings)

design works, structural analysis of the building structures, architectonical works, proposals for technological procedures, proposals of the safe working procedures, occupational health and safety plans, fire protection plans, risk assessments, communication with the authorities, elaboration of reports on the thermal assessment of constructions, management of elaboration and issuance of energy efficiency certificate for constructions, energy audits, preparation of tender proposals, administration and monitoring of the clients´ orders

performance of the activities of a site manager and construction superintendence

performance of the activities of a safety coordinator

In the area of green projects such as thermal insulation of buildings, the company provides complex services not only in respect of the implementation itself but also with regards to administration of the application for a state subsidy to implement such green projects.

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