Fragmentation, dismantling and demolition works


Fragmentation, dismantling and demolition works

Our company is highly experienced in execution of dismantling works of different character, which were performed in demanding environment of the nuclear plants, while the highest priority was given to safe working procedures. 

Scope of dismantling works:

dismantling of insulations including disposal of asbestos materials

dismantling of steel structures

dismantling and fragmentation of technological systems (tanks, pipelines)

dismantling and demolition of auxiliary systems of the building structures including disposal of hazardous materials

dismantling and fragmentation of steel and reinforced concrete large components (hatches, rings, pipes, tanks, internal reactor structures) by diamante wire or other methods of cold or hot cutting

dismantling of reinforced concrete structures by remote controlled BROKK machine

Scope of demolition works:

demolition of civil buildings

control of the reinforced concrete cutting

demolition and fragmentation of large technological units

fragmentation of radioactive parts of technology without exposure of persons

demolition of reinforced concrete structures by BROKK remote controlled electric track machine with special attachments (demolition hammer), TML remote controlled demolition track machine or Doosan / Develon conventional track excavator

separation of steel compound from concrete

sorting of individual recyclable materials

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