Industrial cleaning

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Industrial cleaning

Our company offers special cleaning works focused on keeping clean the operating areas of industrial buildings, complex technological equipment, buildings providing technical services and building façades.

Based on the client’s requirements, the company is also able to prepare a long-term care program for maintaining cleanliness and tidiness in various industrial buildings. Cleaning services are provided using special cleaning equipment: heavy-duty cleaning machines combined with special highly effective cleaning agents. Depending on the technological procedure as agreed with the client (dry process, wet process or a combination thereof), different types of cleaning machines are used in performing the cleaning. Both processes are suitable for use for all positions and various surface types, even in places that are hard to access.

Dry cleaning process – special industrial vacuum cleaners featuring a wide range of accessories – miscellaneous rotating and fixed brushes, adaptors and tubes designed for various types of surfaces with difficult access.

Wet cleaning process – more effective than dry cleaning, intended for extensive soiling and performed by means of high-pressure or low-pressure technology using an efficient cleaning agent.

Scope of works:

complex cleaning of technological plants, production buildings, technological equipment, roofs, eaves gutters and rain pipes, building structures, water-supply tanks, gas holders, cesspits, open and closed tanks, silos and underground spaces

façade cleaning and washing, cleaning of surfaces by pressurized water, cleaning of prestige buildings and glazed façades

removal of resistant paints

vacuuming of loose material from required spaces

underwater vacuuming of sludge and chips

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